Sales Process

Raeon International is fully committed to providing the most reliable information and service in the Australian real estate sector through our experienced team of sales agents. We offer a comprehensive grasp of market trends, efficient sales procedures, and accurate forecasts for both current property sales and future investment opportunities. Our unwavering dedication is to deliver the utmost in real estate sales service and investment experiences to our customers, guided by trustworthiness and full transparency in our processes and real estate data disclosure.

Every successful property sale involves a myriad of small steps. Although these steps might initially appear daunting, understanding what to anticipate can alleviate any concerns. To simplify your journey, utilize our checklist designed for Australian property sellers.

Choosing the Right Time

Committing to selling your home requires careful consideration of whether it's the opportune moment. Assess your readiness for a move, taking into account factors such as work commitments, school considerations, and your current financial situation.

Selecting the Right Agent

Once you're certain it's the appropriate time, choose a local real estate agent to initiate the process. Opt for someone with a proven track record, local expertise, and a history of satisfied clients. Meet with multiple agents, and request references from previous clients before making a decision.

Understanding the Market

Before marketing your property, ensure a comprehensive understanding of its value. Your real estate agent can assist by providing a sales appraisal and presenting comparable sales in the area. Conduct your own research to bolster confidence in determining the right sale price.

Setting the Price

After market research, collaborate with your agent to establish a sale price. Define a target amount and a reserve price – the minimum acceptable selling price. Consider market research findings and consult with your sales agent during this decision-making process.

Choosing the Sale Method

Various sale methods exist, with your agent typically recommending either an auction or tender. Auctions suit properties in high demand, but they can be perceived as more stressful. Private sales involve a campaign over weeks, allowing buyers to make offers during this period. Understand the rationale behind your agent's choice of sale method.

Cleaning, Fixing, and Dressing

Small details can make a significant impact on potential buyers. Prior to inspections, meticulously clean every surface, address maintenance issues, and declutter your home. Consider cosmetic enhancements, such as a fresh coat of paint, especially if certain areas appear worn. For high-end properties, hiring a professional property stager may prove beneficial in presenting your home in the best light.

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